SOLIDWORKS File Management Training

Prerequisites: General experience with the SOLIDWORKS software. General experience with the Windows operating system.


Description: SOLIDWORKS File Management teaches you how to manage files within SOLIDWORKS. This course should be taken before any of the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM courses, and is also ideal for any SOLIDWORKS user not using SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. It includes explanations of the SOLIDWORKS file structure, file references, file associativity, and how to manage a multi-user environment.


The topics covered in this course are:



Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS File Structure

  • Understanding SOLIDWORKS Files

  • SOLIDWORKS File Structure

  • Case Study: Reducing File Size

  • File Shadowing

  • Configuration Bodies

  • Case Study: External References

  • File References

  • File Reference Example

  • SOLIDWORKS File Conversion

  • Case Study: File Conversion

  • Opening Files

  • Case Study: RAM Resident

  • Reload

  • Case Study: Quick View

  • Case Study: Read-only



Lesson 2: Saving Files

  • Saving Files

  • Case Study: Save Options

  • Editing References

  • Automatic File Backup

  • Case Study: Backup/Recover

  • File Properties

  • Property Tab Builder

  • Case Study: File Properties

  • Additional Data

  • Design Binder



Lesson 3: File References

  • External Reference Search Order

  • Case Study: Searching for References

  • Recursive Searches

  • Changing References

  • Case Study: In-context Features

  • Locking and Breaking References

  • SOLIDWORKS Explorer

  • Case Study: SOLIDWORKS Explorer



Lesson 4: Shared Files

  • Working in a Collaborative Environment

  • Production Files

  • Case Study: Sharing Files

  • Reload

  • Multiple In-context References To The Same Part

  • Case Study: Motor Mounting Bracket

  • Support Files

  • Case Study: Shared File Locations


  • Toolbox

  • Case Study: Toolbox Parts

  • PhotoWorks Files

  • Case Study: PhotoWorks Files

  • SOLIDWORKS Explorer For Revision Management

  • Case Study: Revision Management









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