SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Training

Prerequisites: Completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials training, Electrical Engineering Experience


Description: The goal of this course is to teach you how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to optimize your drawings and designs for manufacturability so you can maximize quality, avoid rework and decrease time to market.


The topics covered in this course are:



Lesson 1: Adding a Cabinet

  • Unarchiving a Project

  • SOLIDWORKS Cabinet Layout

  • Insert Component

  • Inserting Rails

  • Inserting Ducts



Lesson 2: Inserting Components in the Cabinet

  • Inserting Electrical Components

  • Converting to an Electrical Component

  • Inserting Terminals


Lesson 3: Adding Door Components

  • Smart components

  • Inserting smart features



Lesson 4: Propagating 2D Changes to 3D

  • Changes in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D

  • Changes at the Assembly Level



Lesson 5: Routing Wires

  • Routing Path

  • Route Wires



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