SOLIDWORKS Plastics Product Matrix

The table below details the feature differences between SOLIDWORKS Plastics products.



SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

Ease of Use

Design Data Reuse

Materials Database


Parallel Computing (Multi-Core)

Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)

Automatic Gate Location(s)

Instantaneous Fill Time Plot

Sink Mark Analysis

eDrawings Support

Fill Time

East of Fill

Results Advisor


Nominal Wall Thickness Advisor

Pressure at End of Fill

Flow Front Temperature

Temperature at End Of Fill

Shear Gate


Cooling Time


Weld Lines

Air Traps

Sink Marks

Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill


Clamp Force


Cycle Time


Symmetry Analysis


Packing Phase (2nd Phase Injection)

 Runner Balancing

 Runner Design Wizard


Sprues and Runners

Hot and Cold Runners



Multi-Cavity Molds


Family Molds


Mold Inserts


Vaolumetric Shrinkage


Density at End of Pack




Export with Mechanical Properties ABAQUS, ANSYS DigiMat


Cooling Lines


Baffles & Bubblers


Conformal Cooling Channels


Runner Domain Category


Sink Mark Profiles  

Mold Temperature and Cooling End


Displacement Due to Residual Stress



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