SOLIDWORKS & KeyShot Product Training

As a SOLID Applications Ltd customer, your design system can and will make a significant contribution towards increased efficiency and productivity. Effective training of all personnel involved with the system is a key factor in obtaining the maximum return on your investment. By continuing to invest in high quality, relevant training for your personnel you will:

  • Ensure that your organisation gains the optimum benefit from your system

  • Maximise users personal productivity through in-depth knowledge of system functionality

  • Enhance your business operation through innovative and effective system usage

  • Identify scope for system applications that may not have been part of the initial justification for your investment

  • Deliver personal satisfaction and motivation to system users through increased skills and expertise.

It is our aim at SOLID Applications Ltd to assist you in achieving these goals through the provision of purpose-developed, specialised training courses designed to enhance the skill and expertise of your system users and to maximise the benefit you gain from your investment in a SOLID Applications Ltd solution. All SOLID Applications Ltd training courses are structured so that your staff may learn not only the theoretical but also the practical aspects of system usage.

SOLID Applications Ltd is able to provide training of the necessary high quality because:

  • We listen to the needs of our customers and gain an understanding of your business and training needs so that training courses are relevant and develop effective skills

  • We are able to respond to changing market demands

  • Our instructors are highly professional, experienced tutors who are fully aware of product capabilities and how these may best be applied to meet your business needs

  • Our training courses are designed to require total delegate participation in a distraction free training environment, conducive to effective learning.

Training courses, in all levels of system usage, from basic introduction to advanced skills, are regularly scheduled and run at our Oldbury Training Centre. Details of the courses available are below. To register for a course, please see our Registration Information page.

Virtual / Online Instructor Led SOLIDWORKS Training

  • All of our training courses are currently being delivered in real-time virtual classrooms.

  • We will provide access to a training manual, either physical or eBook, for use during the course.
  • Our virtual training is conducted live, by one of our SOLIDWORKS Certified Instructors and provides a hands-on training experience, delivered via the internet.

  • All our virtual training courses follow the same curriculum as classroom or office based training, plus you will receive the exact same qualifications and certifications.

  • You will need to have SOLIDWORKS installed on your computer and have access to an internet connection. A headset or speakers and a microphone will be required to participate in the course.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask your instructor any questions and the instructor will be able to view and/or control your screen as required, to assist you in real-time.

  • Training courses will be conducted between 9:30am and approximately 5:00pm, with an hour for lunch. There will also be opportunities for other breaks throughout the day.

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What do people say about our training?

97.8% of people say the objectives set out for the course were met.

95% of people would enroll on another training course with SOLID Applications.

97.6% of people would recommend being trained by SOLID Applications.

98% of people said the activities during the course reinforced the concepts taught.

98% of people said the presentations and demos were an effective mode of instruction.

97.8% of people rate our instructors skill as Good or Excellent.

Some of our actual customer feedback:

"Yes, it was very helpful that Adam demonstrated the methods and then I could those methods into action with examples. Adam was always available to help if I got stuck."

"I did enjoy the way lecturers were explaining things and I'll highly recommend SolidApps service."

"Great course. The instructor new the subject well and the pace of the course was suitable."

"Adam was excellent: proposing the topic, going through the applications and then supporting us when running through the exercises. "

"I am a confident CAD user, however I benefited greatly by learning how to do things quicker and more efficiently."

"Due to my unfamiliarity of the system I struggled to follow all the demonstrations however when left to complete the tasks practically with help provided from the trainer when required I found completing the tasks easier."

"The activities were challenging and gave a good understanding of the product in a very hands on way."

"A perfect mixture of professionalism and relaxed approach to teaching. I can't believe how much ground we covered and the information we brought away with us. Great!"

"Colin was very thorough and methodical in his approach, and confirmed that all students were ready before moving on to the next module. He also reinforced the learning process by revisiting the core principles several times until it became clearer."

"The activities provided a reasonable and balanced amount of practical reinforcement, which hopefully can be retained by more SOLIDWORKS use"

"Well structured to deliver its objectives, good training resources effectively managed by our capable instructor."

"Martin demonstrated the software very well and took time ensuring each part of the software was understood."

"Excellent demonstrations backed up with good reference training book and exercises."

"Simon was great. I've done training courses with other resellers and he was absolutely one of the best. Training was serious but light hearted and I have come away with a great new understanding of the software."

"The course was very good, and taught well. It was good to tackle the challenges we face back at the office. It was useful breaking down the building of features so that we could go through them slowly and gain a better understanding of how to complete them on SOLIDWORKS."

"Colin was very knowledgeable, he could offer quick solutions to all the issues and difficulties which were experienced by the students."

"Presentation was very indepth and taught the general concepts which were then reinforced in the different activities that were set."

"Would recommend to anybody new to SOLIDWORKS or CAD software. Or to anybody who has yet to receive any formal training. Course was very informative on different workflow methods."

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