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At SOLID Applications, one of our main priorities is to ensure our customers make the most of their investment in both the PLM solution, and us. We provide our customers with our unique SAFe Service. The SAFe is an annual site agreement delivering high quality support services to ensure our customers realise the full potential of systems and users.

The SAFe

Many suppliers view customer support as a reactive service whose role is to respond to problems as they arise, but we believe that it needs to be much more than this if you are to gain the very best results from your SOLID Applications solution.

The SAFe will give our customers the proactive approach to developing and growing with the PLM solution installed, to ensure that return on investment is achieved in the shortest possible timescale.

The SAFe contains products and services that have been developed over many years by our Applications Engineers in conjunction with our customers to provide benefits over and above our standard support services “out of the box”.

Applications Support Helpdesk - Telephone

Our helpdesk is managed by experienced engineers covering all software disciplines implemented by SOLID Applications. With more than 60 man years experience of supporting and implementing PLM products, our helpdesk engineers are able to draw from experience and search a vast knowledge base to answer any questions our customers have.

Web Based Applications Support

Taking telephone support to the next level, we are able to take our customers to a web session, where we can take over or monitor a customers’ screen so that we can visualise the problem and fix within a shorter period of time, enhancing the productivity of our customer by fixing issues quicker.

SOLID Applications implemented a customer support IT system that enables us to monitor all calls logged, the time to resolve and other management data. This also helps us to understand which customer and users would benefit from additional training to enhance their productivity.

Productivity Days

Although customers have access to the full range of skills and expertise available from the Applications Team, to ensure we deliver the most effective support possible, a specific Applications Engineer from within the team is assigned with primary responsibility for each customer site. This Applications Engineer is responsible for pro-actively supporting the customers’ installation.

The Applications Engineer will proactively visit each site for a complete review of your progress through discussions with both the system users and the management responsible for the system.

Productivity Testing

  • To ensure that customers’ are getting as much out of their users as possible, we have devised an online solution to test their strengths and highlight any issues so that they can be addressed and their productivity enhanced. We will then make any recommendations on how we can assist any improvement we feel could be achieved.

Best Practice Day

  • SOLID Applications have implemented thousands of seats of software into thousands of companies nationwide. Whilst our customers are the experts of their field, we are the experts of PLM. We can show customers’ ways of making things faster, and with best practice to ensure systems run smoothly and quickly to enhance productivity.

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