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Why Subscribe?

Support your design team with tools and resources to help them work faster and smarter. As a SOLIDWORKS® Subscription Service Program member, you receive automatic upgrades to the latest versions of your licensed SOLIDWORKS software for design, simulation, technical communication, or data management; live technical support from SOLID Applications Limited; and software enhancements designed for Subscription Service members. You also gain access to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal—a web-based hub for all of your SOLIDWORKS software products and resources. The SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program automatically gives you the support you need so you can focus on what matters most—transforming your product development into business success.

What's Included?

Software upgrades

Stay current with service pack upgrades for SOLIDWORKS software. These enhancements address important issues reported by the SOLIDWORKS Community.

Download the latest SOLIDWORKS service pack upgrade now.

New software releases

Receive the latest SOLIDWORKS software to improve your performance and productivity. Leverage innovative tools and leading-edge techniques to create designs faster and more accurately.

Download the latest SOLIDWORKS release now.

Support for previous version

While on Subscription Service, you are welcome to continue to run—and receive support on—one release prior to the current SOLIDWORKS release. This policy minimizes production delays and eases your transition to the latest release. Service packs are provided for this release for critical issues reported with the software.

CSWP and CSWA exams

Is your design team maximizing all the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS software? The CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) and CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) exams measure user proficiency and enable managers to highlight areas for additional training. SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program members can take one free exam.

Find out more on SOLIDWORKS Certification.

Customer experience programs

Gain access to programs that invite your opinions and let you preview SOLIDWORKS Beta versions and upcoming SOLIDWORKS Early Visibility (EV) Service Packs.

SOLIDWORKS Product Development Solutions

SOLIDWORKS software and support enable you to maximize the productivity of your design and engineering resources to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. See the full range of SOLIDWORKS solutions for design, simulation, sustainable design, technical communication, and data management at

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Gain full access to an expansive, easy-to-search, web-based repository of in-depth information and resources, designed to maximize your productivity, including:

Service Requests (SRs)

Send incident reports directly to Technical Support for quick resolution. View status updates using assigned SR tracking numbers.


Enhancement requests

Influence the development of future SOLIDWORKS products by telling us what you need. Based on requests, we introduce new enhancements and functionality with each new software release.

Software Performance Reports (SPRs)

Submit incident reports of confirmed software issues to our Development team. View status updates using assigned SPR tracking numbers and monitor issue resolution in documented service packs.


Technical content

Access all of our archives, from webcasts and Tech Tips to administrative guides and technical presentations.

Knowledge Base

Find answers to your questions quickly and conveniently. Access a powerful search engine to explore our extensive library of technical documentation, such as Solutions, Help Topics, Tech Tips, and Best


Discussion forums

Connect with other members of the SOLIDWORKS Community. Participate in a broad range of discussion topics on virtually all facets of SOLIDWORKS software and design development applications.

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