SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Term Licensing is a licensing option that lowers the upfront cost of SOLIDWORKS software and allows for more flexible deployment options for start-ups, makers, consultants, contractors and businesses of any size.

Term licenses are the same as perpetual licenses except they have an end date and can be purchased in 3-month or 1-year terms.

Term Licenseing Benefits:

  • Lower Upfront Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Budgeting

From SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP.0 Term Licensing is available for the following SolidWorks products:

SOLIDWORKS Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Can I spread the cost of term licensing?

Payment is required upfront for the term length that meets your needs, 3 months or 12.

What is the minimum/maximum length I can have a Term License?

SOLIDWORKS Term licenses are available in two term lengths; 3 months and 12 months. Once the time is up, whether its 3 or 12 months you will need to purchase an extension to continue to use the software. With a traditional perpetual license, you are able to use the software indefinitely, as long as your machine allows you to.

Can I Float a term license of SOLIDWORKS?

No. SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing products are only available as standalone licenses.

Can I transfer a term license of SOLIDWORKS to a different machine?

Yes. A SOLIDWORKS license can only be active on one machine at a time so you will need to deactivate the license before moving it. You can do this by using the license transfer functionality inside SOLIDWORKS (Help > Transfer License).

When does it pay to have a Perpetual License over a Term License?

There is a higher upfront cost to a perpetual SOLIDWORKS license however there are longer term savings. Software updates are included with the annual support meaning that you are always on the latest edition. With financing options you may be able to spread the cost of a perpetual license reducing the initial outlay.

There are times though when a term license may be more appropriate and that is why with SOLIDWORKS you now have the flexibility to choose between perpetual (owned) or short term (leased) licenses.

How are SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses installed?

SOLIDWORKS Term License products are installed like any other SOLIDWORKS standalone products. Customers need to run the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager and enter their Serial Number(s). During the activation process, Term License products will only be activated for the length of the Term License (3 months or 1 year + the appropriate grace period).

What services/support level do Term License users get?

SOLIDWORKS Term License customers have access to the same benefits and services as SOLIDWORKS subscription customers: Technical support, knowledge base, software upgrades and enhancements, customer portal and

Please note: these benefits are applicable only for the length of the Term License and if customers want uninterrupted support, they only need to renew (or repurchase) their Term License.

Can you convert a Term License to a perpetual license?

No. Term Licenses only grant access to SOLIDWORKS software for a specific period of time and they cannot be converted to a perpetual license. To purchase a perpetual license, customers must contact their local authorised reseller.

Can customers downgrade SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses?

No. SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses cannot be downgraded during the length of the term. Customers wishing to downgrade must wait until the end of their term before downgrading their products.

Can customers upgrade SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses?

Yes. Customers can upgrade their SOLIDWORKS Term License at any time during the length of their term.

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