SOLIDWORKS Simulation Product Matrix

The table below details the feature differences between SOLIDWORKS Simulation products.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Ease of Use/Intuitiveness


Fully Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

Learn Fast: Toolbar Menus, Context Sensitive Right-Mouse Menus, Built-In Tutorials, Searchable Help Documentation

Help Documentation

Get Help Fast: Local and Worldwide Support Services

Knowledge Base

Concurrent Engineering      

Fully Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

Full Associativity with 3D Design Changes

Support SOLIDWORKS Configurations

SOLIDWORKS Material Properties Support

Finite Element Analysis


Solid, Shell and Beam modeling

h and p adaptive element type

Mesh control capabilities

Failure Mesh Diagnostic

Simplify model tool for meshing

Customizable Material Library

Contacts and Connectors


Bonded contact condition

Node-to-node, surface-to-surface contact condition

Shrink Fit condition

Virtual Wall condition

Connectors: bolt, spring, pin, elastic support and bearing

Connectors Safety Check

Self-contact condition

Post Processing


Contour, Iso-Surface, Surface, Section Result Plot

Probe tool

Design Insight

Compare test data

List values on selected entities

Animation of Results

Overlay Simulation results onto SW graphics

Hot spot detection (stress singularity)

Mass properties for simulation models



Customizable simulation report

eDrawings of Simulation results

Linear Static Simulation for Assembly


Analyze the structural behavior or parts and assemblies under loading

Fixtures to prescribe zero or non-zero displacements

Structural loads

Temperature loading

Import Flow/Thermal Effects

Calculation of stress, strain, displacement and FOS

Calculation of reaction forces and moments

Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation



Macro recording and available APIs to automate Simulation features creation and repetition


Design Comparison Studies

What-if scenarios based on defined variables (dimensions, mass properties, simulation data)

Trend Tracker


Detect trends in results from different iterations of a static study

Fatigue Simulation


Analyse the life expectancy of structure under repeated loading

Theory of Cumulative Damage

Outputs: life, damage and factor of safety plots

Detecting Unconstrained Bodies

Equation Driven Results

Structural Optimization




What-if scenarios based on parametric variables (dimensions, mass properties, simulation data)


Topology Study


Minimum mass design refinement by element removal method


Stiffness Goal


Manufacturing Constraints


Save new shape as STL


Event-Based Motion Simulation


Frequency Simulation


Analyze the natural frequencies and mode shape of parts and assemblies


Import Flow/Thermal Effects


Load Stiffening


Buckling or Collapse Simulation


Analyze slender structure for critical buckling factors and the associated buckling mode shapes


Import Flow/Thermal Effects


Structural Thermal Simulation


Drop Test Simulation


Analyse the effect of the impact of a part or an assembly on a target surface


Inputs: drop height, gravity, velocity at impact


Outputs: stress, displacement, and strains


Pressure Vessel Design Simulation


Analyze the structural behavior or parts and assemblies under loading


Linear combination and square root of the sum of the squares (SRSS)


Submodeling Simulation


Analyze the structural resistance of a sub model from a main assembly


2D Simplification


Plane Stress


Plane Strain




Load Case Manager


Evaluate the effects of various load combinations on your model


Non Linear Simulation


Transient (time dependent) loads


Large component deformation


Nonlinear materials


Self-contact for nonlinear analysis


Real-time visual updates while solving


Dynamic Simulation


Modal Time History Analysis


Harmonic Analysis


Random Vibration Analysis


Response Spectrum Analysis


Estimate component life based on dynamic loading


Composites Components Simulation


 Offloaded Simulation




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