SOLIDWORKS Composer Product Matrix

Download a printable version of our SOLIDWORKS Composer Product Matrix.



SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player (No charge)

Import SOLIDWORKS, Creo (read only)


Update content with latest design changes (geometry, BOM tree, metadata)


Create step-by-step procedures showing incremental components


Capture exploded views with automated trail lines


Add annotations (auto balloons, BOM table, arrows, detail views, and more)


Change appearances (hide/show, transparency, colors)


Create manufacturing BOM independent of engineering BOM


Customize parts lists and properties for each view


Create keyframe animation by drag-drop views on timeline


Create interactive storyboards by adding links to relevant views


Animate appearances and custom properties


Interactive animation with markers


Filter timeline keys for finer control


Update animation with latest design changes


Static images (raster graphics and vector line art)


Dynamic AVI videos (multiple codecs supported)


Interactive 3D documents (as lightweight executable)


Interactive 3D PDFs and web pages


Protect intellectual property (secure 3D brush, rights manager)


Standardise styles for creating content (balloons, labels, annotations)


Standardise profiles for publishing content (raster, vector, video, views, BoM)


Standardise default document settings (import, output qualities, security rights)


Publish consistent quality with paperspace (wYSiwYG—what you see is what you get)


Automate content creation by using custom API programs


Automate batch mode import of 3D files and publishing content


Automate document creation within existing workflow systems


Automate document translation by using custom XMl program


Rotate, zoom, animate, measure, view BOM, section (rights controlled by author)


View step-by-step interactive instructions with no additional UI


Create custom applications to distribute internally or over website



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