Training Grants

SOLID Applications Ltd works with an impartial training broker who liaise closely with Train to Gain, Skills Funding Agency, European Social Funding, Manufacturing Advisory Services, Individual Regional Grant Funds and a variety of individual awarding bodies to distribute relevant training grants within ALL sectors nationally.

An example of some of the sectors that have had specialist grants are the Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy Related, Hi-tech, Automotive, Design, Architectural, Creative, Pharmaceutical and Construction industries and sectors (this list is not restrictive or exhaustive).

These Grants can really help elevate your business, staff and products as well as safe guard jobs and boost your company’s image and output.

Grants change very frequently, and can be for Match funding, Training for Leaders, Managers and Key/Principle decision makers, and also Business Critical Training. The funding is dependent on the region of the UK you are in; If you would like to check if you are eligible for any funding, please contact us. Please be aware this is a FREE NO OBLIGATION SERVICE to check eligibility.

Grant availability vary by location.

To request information on the current grants available, please complete the form below.



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