SOLIDWORKS 2019 Treehouse Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse, the standalone application for building, viewing, and managing SOLIDWORKS assembly structures outside SOLIDWORKS, has been improved with some exciting new capabilities.

Expanded Capabilities and Greater Flexibility

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 2019 delivers some fantastic new capabilities for creating and managing assembly structures. When viewing large assemblies that contain many branches, the new setting to control the display of file images for each node is a great way of maximizing the amount of screen area available. Using a new toggle in the “options” dialogue box, file images can be hidden or shown, giving you more control over how your assemblies are displayed.

Traditionally Treehouse has always used the file name to identify each node in the structure. Now in Treehouse 2019 you can use any available custom property as the display name instead. For example, switching display names to use the “Description” property can make it even easier to identify each component in a structure.

In Treehouse 2019 you can now create custom properties and apply values to new and preexisting files, without having to open them in SOLIDWORKS. This is yet another powerful way Treehouse helps you manage your critical design information.

Exporting to Microsoft Excel is a great way of sharing assembly structure information outside of the design department. In Treehouse 2019 you can now include the component graphical preview images, which provide even greater clarity, reducing the risk of misidentifying parts.

In SOLIDWORKS 2019, Treehouse provides you with even greater flexibility when creating and managing assembly structures.

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