With more core power and performance, and new capabilities for emerging technologies, it's never been easier to design and create with SOLIDWORKS, the design and development solution chosen by more than 3.1 million users worldwide. Here is a sampling of the new key features to help improve your workflow.


INNOVATE - New capabilities to help you incorporate emerging technologies

DESIGN - More core power and performance to get your job done faster

VALIDATE - Greater design ideas that lead to breakthrough innovations

COLLABORATE - Unlock any 3D model to work with SOLIDWORKS

BUILD & MANAGE - Data integration from concept to manufacturing to drive business needs





SOLIDWORKS design tools can help you conceptualize, visualize, test, and document your 3D designs, getting your products to market faster. Check out how our entire product portfolio works together to design different components of a smart refrigerator.



"In an age of unparalleled innovation, collaboration and design, all three need to start

somewhere, sometime, somehow. That place is here. That time is now. And the how is with the

SOLIDWORKS innovation portfolio. We provide you with the flexibility, choice, and simplicity of

the greatest design technologies to enable you to drive innovation."

- Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO SOLIDWORKS, Dassauly Systèmes.



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