Intuitive 3D design puts your focus on innovation


Create 2D drawings faster with automatic updates for 100% accuracy


Connect and share with an active, growing user community

Built-in intelligence accelerates your design process


Speed design and ensure accuracy with focused industry tools


Attract new talent and ramp up design innovation

Improved collaboration drives new ideas for your business


Test real world conditions and make sure it’s right before you build it


Take advantage of the network to accelerate your business

Lower your total cost of ownership with higher process efficiency


Design with the environment in mind for innovation and growth


Extend your 3D design capabilities through our strategic partnerships

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Our software tools cover the design process—from design and validation to technical communications and data management. The intuitive design interface and integrated software work together and give you the freedom to focus on innovation. You can maximize the productivity of your design and engineering resources to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.


Built-in intelligence takes the guess work out of 3D design. Intelligent design tools minimize training needs and let you quickly detail designs without error. You can automatically dimension manufacturing features in 3D, check dimensional completeness, and graphically display dimensional status on 2D drawings. Automatic interference and collision detection makes sure all parts fit together before you build a physical prototype, reducing cost and shortening the overall design cycle for faster time to market.


Improved collaboration drives new ideas and expands opportunities. With SOLIDWORKS solutions, you and your team can easily manage product data, share designs, automate workflows, and securely share design data across your organization, with clients, and with external partners. You can deliver compelling product detail with representations of 3D models, 2D drawings, animations, and photo-realistic renderings before manufacture. You can also leverage existing 3D data to create dynamic technical communications like interactive assembly instructions, exploded formats, and compelling project proposals that differentiate you from the competition.


Lower total cost of ownership comes from higher efficiency. SOLIDWORKS 3D design solutions are quick to deploy, easy to use, and simple to administer. Instead of spending time maintaining your CAD system, you can capitalize on new opportunities, reduce costs, and get to market faster. The opportunity costs of NOT using SOLIDWORKS design solutions are high. In a 2006 MIT survey of SolidWorks users, 95% reported productivity gains, 54% reduced their time-to-market by an average of 20%, and overall materials savings averaged 18%.

  • Our 3D CAD software helps designers quickly become proficient 3D modelers and increases the speed to create and deliver designs

  • Simulation technology speeds up prototyping and verifies your design

  • You can leverage 3D design data to quickly communicate complex technical details with animations and visual instructions

  • Data management software makes sure the right file version is available, avoids costly errors, and reduces the time spent searching for existing parts or designs by up to 40%

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Create accurate 2D drawings fast that can be automatically updated on-the-fly when you change your 3D model. SOLIDWORKS software updates dimensions, critical tables, and notes to the new values with 100% accuracy. It also updates associated bills of materials so there is no confusion with manufacturing.


Speed up design with focused industry tools that ensure accuracy with built-in intelligence for each discipline. SOLIDWORKS software provides application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mold and die design, and routed systems.

Test your design against real-world conditions and ensure you have the best design before you build it. SOLIDWORKS Simulation validates your design earlier in the process—on-screen—so you can test how it holds up under extreme wind, heat, water, and other conditions. With the answers up front, you can reduce weight, eliminate unneeded materials, and optimize costs, as well as avoid potential liability or safety issues.


Design with the environment in mind and measure the sustainability of your product. Fully integrated with the design process, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability tools help you make more informed design decisions in real-time about materials, sourcing, manufacturing, use, and disposal prior to manufacturing. Not only can you help protect the environment, you can expand your market, reduce costs, and add to profitability.


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An active, growing SOLIDWORKS user community brings passion and knowledge to design. Customers have a voice in what we do, and we're always asking how SOLIDWORKS software can help you do more. In fact, most of our software enhancements begin with user feedback. More than 90% of the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS are directly requested by customers.

Our customers can tap into the power of more than 2 million SOLIDWORKS software users around the world to share best practices, refine tasks, and rapidly work through design challenges. You can leverage knowledge and resources from:


Attract new talent from among the most innovative designers and engineers in the work force today. More people are learning SOLIDWORKS software because more companies are demanding it. SOLIDWORKS software is so intuitive that it’s the tool of choice for more than 2 million users and over 25,000 educational institutions around the world. With this presence, it’s easy to find and staff your organization with designers certified in the 3D standard.


Take advantage of the network effect to accelerate your business. More and more companies and experts conduct their day-to-day business with SOLIDWORKS software. A worldwide network of suppliers, job shops, consultants, manufacturers, and designers make SOLIDWORKS design solutions a standard for rapid product development and innovative design.


Extend your 3D design capabilities with integrated software packages for specialized applications. You can take advantage of the growing number of strategic partners creating tools for applications such as electromagnetic simulation, mold-and-die design, sheet metal fabrication, design and drafting, machining, and CAM, among others.



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