Delcam for SolidWorks: Integrated CAM for SolidWorks® for milling machines, turning and turn/mill centres, and wire EDMs

Why Choose Delcam for SolidWorks?

Using the latest functionality from FeatureCAM and PowerMILL, Delcam for SolidWorks has been developed in response to requests from customers looking to undertake their CAM programming from within the SolidWorks environment.

Delcam for SolidWorks offers 2-axis, 3-axis and 5-axis positional and simultaneous milling and drilling, as well as turning, turn/mill and wire EDM, enabling users to perform simple, automated operations or machine complex shapes in a single set-up. Associative toolpaths minimise programming times by updating automatically if your model changes.

Based on Delcam’s proven machining algorithms that are already used by over 45,000 customers around the world, this technology is fully integrated into the SolidWorks environment so that the program looks and behaves like SolidWorks.



2.5D Machining

3-Axis Machining

5-Axis Machining



2.5D Machining

2.5D Machining


Delcam for SolidWorks 2.5D enables you to machine holes, pockets, grooves, bosses and threads quickly and easily.


  • Creates reliable 2.5-axis feature-based milling and drilling toolpaths quickly and easily with the help of step-by-step wizards, saving you time

  • Includes feature recognition for SolidWorks features, allowing you to generate toolpaths directly from SolidWorks feature definitions. Features can be selected graphically or from the SolidWorks Feature Manager tree.

  • Combines single part programs into multiple part programs, minimising programming times

  • Supports 4th-axis indexing

  • Simplifies the milling of drafted features

  • Provides extensive drilling canned cycle support

  • Includes proven post-processors for all major machine tools, reducing machine commissioning time

Typical Applications:

  • General shop parts with simple slots, holes and side features

  • Tooling fixtures and fittings

  • Covers, plates and brackets



3D Machining

3D Machining


Delcam for SolidWorks offers three levels of 3D milling, from single surface machining, through to multiple surface support, and Delcam’s renowned state-of-the-art high speed toolpaths.


3D Lite

If you primarily produce 2D parts but occasionally require basic 3D machining of single surfaces or STL models then 3D Lite is the perfect choice. Benefit from everything in Delcam for SolidWorks 2.5D plus single surface machining using toolpath strategies such as parallel roughing and finishing, Z-level roughing, isoline finishing and 3D chamfering.



This is the mid-level 3D machining module in Delcam for SolidWorks. In addition to all the 3D Lite features, you can benefit from Delcam’s industry-leading FeatureRECOGNITION technologies and quickly program multiple surfaces with a collection of important techniques such as swarf milling, 3D chamfering, and Z-level roughing and finishing.



3D HSM (High Speed Machining) provides you with advanced 3-axis toolpaths that feature renowned calculation performance and surface finish. This adds several leading technologies to 3D MX including High Speed Machining strategies, remachining, 3D spiral options, and additional state-of-the-art toolpath technologies proprietary to Delcam.


5-axis Machining

5-axis Machining


Delcam for SolidWorks supports both 5-axis positional (3+2) and simultaneous machining, including 5-axis drilling, trimming and swarf milling.



  • Produces complex parts with fewer set-ups, saving time and reducing errors

  • Increases accuracy by machining parts with shorter, more rigid, tools

  • Controls the tool axis, allowing machining of areas that cannot be machined with 3-axis strategies

  • Converts 3-axis toolpaths to their 5-axis equivalents automatically, preventing collisions between holder and part


Typical Applications:

  • Highly complex mould and die tools with undercuts

  • Very high tolerance aerospace parts

  • Turbines and stator vanes

  • Highly complex engine ports





Delcam for SolidWorks Turn provides quick and easy programming of all types of turned parts.


  • Quickly and easily manufacture 2-axis turned parts

  • Creates both common and specialist hole types, facing and cut-off features, and grooves and threads on the outside or inside diameter, letting you machine all types of turned component

  • Supports a wide range of canned cycles, including rough and finish profiling, threading, grooving, drilling and tapping, making the most efficient use of your machine controller

  • Posts code to almost any CNC controller on the market today, letting you machine successfully from day 1

  • Supports machines with sub-spindles, bar feeders and bar pullers, increasing productivity by reducing material loading times

Typical Applications:

  • Hose fittings

  • Bearing pins & axles





Delcam for SolidWorks Turn/Mill enables both turning and milling features to be created on a single machine in one set-up.



  • Support for turn/milling using live rotary tools from both the X and Z axes

  • Supports machines with C and Y axis milling capabilities and sub-spindles, letting you machine more complex parts

  • Easily programs drilling or milling features on the face or outside diameter of a part with the Delcam for SolidWorks TURN/MILL feature wizard, so you get parts onto your machine tool faster

  • Contains all of the milling features in Delcam for SolidWorks 2.5D, including holes, slots, pockets, grooves, sides and patterns, for increased flexibility


Advanced Turn/Mill Benefits:

  • Sub-spindle and multiple spindle part transfer is available in Delcam for SolidWorks through easy-to-use transfer features

  • Simultaneous B-axis turning in Delcam for SolidWorks enables you to create multiple machining orientations in a single set-up and quickly program complex machining operations

  • Switch between C-axis milling and Y-axis milling to help improve the surface finish of milled parts with the tick of a box


Typical Applications:

  • Complex drilling heads for the oil & gas industry

  • Engine crank shafts


Wire EDM

Wire EDM


Delcam for SolidWorks Wire EDM offers an automated approach for programming the full range of 2-axis and 4-axis wire EDM equipment.



  • Automatically provides the operations for different cutting strategies

  • Includes a cutting conditions database that contains wire EDM generator settings, flushing settings and cutter compensation settings

  • Supplied with proven post-processors for industry-leading machines, including Agie-Charmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Sodick

  • Supports a range of features for part creation, including dies, punches and sides


Typical Applications:

  • Gear blanks

  • Hydraulic actuators

  • Precision valve parts





Delcam for SolidWorks provides complete simulation of the machine tool environment to identify collisions between the machine components, spindle, holder, tooling and part stock in order to avoid costly mistakes. In addition to machine simulation, Delcam for SolidWorks also offers centerline, 2D, 3D and RapidCut simulation modes



  • Faster programming turnaround because you can simulate cutting motion ahead of time

  • Avoid production delays because of a machine that’s down

  • Avoid costly repairs to a crashed spindle

  • Avoid cost overruns from scrapped workpieces

  • General peace of mind


Specific capabilities:

  • Simulate complex machine tools and toolpaths for smoother machine tool movements

  • Warnings for holder collisions and gouge detection ensure no costly mistakes occur during the manufacturing process

  • Realistic graphics show metallic part rendering and may be rotated during the simulation

  • Load toolpaths into different machine models to ensure you use the most appropriate machine to produce the part

  • Support for multiple cores enables you to simulate your manufacturing process faster than ever

  • Cursor arrow keys allow you to step through the simulation at your own pace

  • Part compare allows for quality control prior to machining, preventing scrap and the need for reprogramming

  • Start a 3D simulation at any stage of the machining process


*optional module


The Technology


  • Multi-threaded 3-axis toolpath operations

  • 2.5D toolpath creation

  • 3+2 toolpath creation

  • 5-axis simultaneous toolpath creation

  • Drilling

  • Turning

  • Turn/mill

  • Wire EDM
  • Full machine simulation

  • Set Up Wizards

  • Customisable templates

  • Different styles of feature recognition, including





Automatic Feature Recognition

  • Simply select the model

  • Delcam for SolidWorks finds all the features and applies toolpaths automatically


Interactive Feature Recognition

  • Users specify which feature types are to be recognised

  • Delcam for SolidWorks finds all the features of the specified type in a single step


SolidWorks Feature Recognition

  • Toolpaths can be generated directly from SolidWorks feature definitions

  • Features can be selected graphically or from the SolidWorks Feature Manager tree


Fully associative features can also be defined from selected edges or sketches in Delcam for SolidWorks. This includes existing sketches or sketches created 'on-the-fly'.




One-Window Solution

  • Works inside the SolidWorks assembly environment

  • Uses all SolidWorks viewing and modelling tools

  • All SolidWorks interface functionality is maintained, such as keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, shortcut menus, etc.


Fully Associative

  • Toolpaths update automatically for both 2.5D and 3D models if the model changes

  • CAM functions are contained in the assembly and do not alter the original SolidWorks part


Additional Benefits

  • Easy to learn

  • Quick automated programming

  • Confidence to run parts first time

  • Automated feature creation

  • Full control of all machining parameters, enabling users to edit operations as required







Visit the Delcam Learning Zone to find out how Delcam for SolidWorks can make you more efficient.


New in Delcam for SOLIDWORKS 2015

Automatic Tool Holder Collision and Gouge Avoidance

Complex part programming is easier than ever through the inclusion of Automatic Collision Checking in Delcam for SOLIDWORKS 2015.

Turning Features and Improvements

Saves time and avoids tool dragging as the tool rapids up instead of feeding along the part.


Counterbore Touch-off Options

Providing more flexibility for the use of a counterbore tool through the specification of the Z0 location.

More Iso Line Options

With more Isoline options you have the ability for more variety in your toolpaths.


Machine Maximum Stock

Improved surface finish through a reduction in the number of retractions needed.

Stock Model Improvements

Stock models can now be used in conjunction with other stock options for very efficient toolpaths.


Wire EDM New Pocket Technology

New pocketing technology increases the reliability of a Wire EDM job.

Wire EDM Improvements

Improving the flexibility of the Wire EDM through the storage of a greater variety of parameters.


Wire EDM New Pocket Technology

New pocketing technology increases the reliability of a Wire EDM job.

Wire EDM Improvements

Improving the flexibility of the Wire EDM through the storage of a greater variety of parameters.




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